Come join us each Sunday at 8:00am or 10:00am to hear God’s word and to join in fellowship. We also have opportunities available to grow in your faith and to serve in many different ways.

Beginning Sunday May 29 through Sept. 4th, our 8 a.m. worship service will be held at our church park at Hamilton Lakes. The Park is located on the road along south shore of the lakes, on the south side of the road near the big Pine Resort. You will see the Covenant Church Park sign.

Location Details

Grow in Your Faith

As our relationship with Christ grows we begin to see a transformation of our lives, attitudes, habits, and relationships. We, as believers, must cultivate that growth and be open to the Holy Spirit to live transformed lives. Utilize these resources to continue your journey and find a spot to serve.

Get Involved

We offer many ways for you to get involved in serving. From nursery, the cleaning team, building and yard maintenace, to participating in community programs such as Light at the Inn or Feeding America. We also sponsor local missionaries.

Needed: Nursery volunteers.